International SOS | Managing global mobility risk

Streamline mobility risk management with KPMG and International SOS

Anne d'Arcy

Anne d'Arcy

Principal, Tax, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

+1 212-954-4853

The alliance between KPMG LLP and International SOS enables us to assist managers of travel, global mobility, human capital, and international tax to address both the personal and financial risks related to global mobility.

In today’s world, employee mobility brings increasing risk. Companies today are under greater scrutiny from global tax and immigration authorities and face higher expectations from key talent leadership to safeguard the health, safety, and security of employees.

With complementary services and technology for managing risk, tax compliance, and duty-of-care obligations, KPMG and International SOS enable global organizations to take a holistic approach to employee mobility management.

Without a holistic approach, internal systems and processes struggle to address these risks due to:

  1. Multiple systems and logins
  2. Separate vendor systems for employee tracking
  3. Lack of accurate regulatory and compliance risk assessments