Modern, agile supply chain transformation

Sophisticated customers expect transparency, low costs, and high levels of service, and they are compelling your supply chain to operate at new levels of efficiency. Fortunately, mobile and cloud technologies, along with advances in data and analytics (D&A), are enabling companies to improve service levels. Demand-driven planning—the combination of cutting-edge technologies with process improvements and real-time information—can reduce costs, boost asset productivity, improve working capital, and enhance cross-functional planning and execution.

The challenge for your enterprise is deciding where to start and which transformative path to take, given the myriad options. At the same time, you need to consider the entire value chain as part of an assessment and change initiative. When it is time for you to formulate a strategy, define requirements, develop a cohesive plan, and implement technology, KPMG can help you rise to the challenge, and JDA’s supply chain technology can help you meet the challenge.

KPMG and JDA professionals are ready to help design, enhance, and support your supply chain transformation. Leveraging this alliance, you can maximize the value of JDA’s award-winning solutions while taking advantage of KPMG’s operations experience, financial acumen, and transformation capabilities. Working together, we can help you meet the challenge of designing and implementing a fast, agile, and customer-responsive supply chain.

In 2018, for the fourth year in a row, KPMG was recognized with a JDA North America partnering award.

Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Leader, KPMG US

+1 312-665-8363

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