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Once upon a time, insurance customers were satisfied with a timely response, a fair price, and quality service.

Michael Adler

Michael Adler

Principal, Advisory, Finance Transformation, KPMG US

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Today’s customers want you to know and remember them through engaging, personalized experiences across multiple channels, guiding them on their seamless and connected journey. They are interested in data accuracy and protection, real-time interactions and responses, and choices in where, when, and how they buy coverage. We’re seeing these changing customer expectations play out in other industries that are further along on their digital journey than the insurance industry, prompting insurance companies to accelerate their digital transformation. Yet, delivering these integrated customer experiences demands more than just a portal or mobile app. It requires creating a Connected Enterprise, aligning back, middle, and front office systems for a single purpose; harnessing the potential of customers to fuel profitable growth. And with COVID-19 and other outside influences increasingly changing what customers need and how insurers have to prepare and react, insurers need a highly agile, flexible and proven end-to-end digital platform to support these changes.

Fortunately, KPMG LLP and Majesco are one of the leading qualified to provide the guidance and tools to help enable insurance companies meet rising customer expectations. Majesco is a leader in providing insurance cloud platform solutions for policy, billing, claims, underwriting and distribution as well as a low- code no-code platform and ecosystem of partners for creating visually engaging, streamlined applications for traditional and new, innovative insurance products. KPMG is a leader in serving the global insurance industry, with the right business and technology vision and Well–established capabilities, including experience implementing Majesco’s solutions in projects that leverage the firm’s Connected Enterprise framework for successful digital transformation. Together, KPMG and Majesco can prepare you for the ever changing insurance customer of today and the future.

Combining the KPMG Connected Enterprise framework with Majesco’s software platform helps insurers build the capabilities required for successful digital transformation—so your company can be agile, nimble, and responsive to customer needs. Contact us to learn how KPMG and Majesco can help you develop an insight-driven roadmap that leads to focused outcomes, accelerated execution and adoption, seamless operating models, speed to scale, and sustainable growth.