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Jesse Loscalzo

Jesse Loscalzo

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US

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AI and machine learning are revolutionizing how companies use data to drive profitable growth through front office actions

Many businesses struggle to unlock the true value that AI/ML technologies and data science capabilities offer. The knowledge and skills required to connect data insights to the business are often lacking. Opportunities to turn these insights into actionable outcomes are missed. Equipping employees with these skills will help create lasting value and will enable organizations to operate with intelligence.

In the customer-centric world, subscription businesses cannot afford to miss new data-driven opportunities; to sell to, to market to, or to nurture their customers and prospects. Retaining customers, reducing churn, and increasing ROI are key to an organization’s success. We help you unlock these opportunities.

KPMG and Microsoft continue to expand our joint use cases and the industries we serve together.

KPMG will work alongside you to design a solution and an approach that meet your front office objectives. A visioning session can help define your business objectives and get you started on your journey with.