Accelerating your journey to become a digital health organization

Together, KPMG and Microsoft accelerate clinical transformation.

Dion Sheidy

Dion Sheidy

Partner, Healthcare Industry Leader, KPMG US

+1 615-248-5519

Transformation in healthcare is no longer a choice, it’s a business imperative

Transformation provides the opportunity for healthcare organizations to redefine how they interact with their members/patients, to rethink how they deliver their care and services, to empower how their clinicians and employees work and to optimize their business and clinical processes in the most efficient and secure way.

Healthcare leaders must invest in a secure, scalable platform, and leverage advanced Data and AI Capabilities to enable their clinical transformation journey and to deliver the results they need to succeed.

Together, KPMG and Microsoft accelerate clinical transformation.

Reducing time to value

The power of the alliance delivers a differentiated approach to healthcare; with purpose-built cloud-enabled technology solutions.

KPMG and Microsoft have combined deep industry and process expertise with advanced cloud technologies spanning across Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 to enable healthcare organizations to maximize clinical, operational and financial performance.

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