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Timothy Ramsey

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Digital disruption, rapidly evolving customer expectations and technology-savvy competitors continue to add to the complexity of the financial services industry.

The real challenges lie within; financial services organizations are grappling with a lack of agility, legacy systems, poor IT infrastructure and rising costs. They are also struggling to unlock the value of their data, to gain true customer insight.

KPMG and Microsoft accelerate Cloud Transformation by allowing clients to plan for, architect, deploy and adopt Microsoft enabling cloud technologies and intelligence while managing risk and compliance. Powerful decision engines unlock data to accelerate enterprise intelligence and increase data-driven insights. Next generation Business Applications, powered across the Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 platform, help clients to realize value.

KPMG Insight Centers allow our clients to experience the power of their data in extraordinary new ways. Using sophisticated visualizations, along with our data, analytics and AI platforms and solutions, we help clients to unlock the potential, gain new insights and to drive smarter more informed decisions.

Co-innovation and co-investment with Microsoft mean that we continually innovate for industry and line of business solutions, enabling businesses to evolve, grow and differentiate.

Enabling Secure Collaboration

Cyber security solution video. Demo shows how KPMG helped a global bank secure Microsoft 365 to enable secure file sharing among employees and non-employees.


With the increased adoption of cloud computing, and the globalization of systems, processes, and supply chains, more customer data is being collected, retained, disclosed, and transferred around the globe.

Unfortunately, data breaches continue to rise, so it is more important than ever to build trust in how we are handling customer data.

KPMG is leveraging Microsoft technology to build cyber security solutions that prevent data loss and identify and monitor threats.

In this demonstration, we show how we helped a global bank secure one-drive file sharing among employees and non-employees.

Adele, a retail manager, is on a group chat with her colleague Christine and Sai, an external insurance agent. They are discussing Mortgage and Sales documents. Adele intends to separately share all files with Christine and then share only the public documents with Sai.
Unfortunately, she makes a mistake and uploads all of the files to the group chat. This presents a potential data breach for the bank.
Christine, as an employee of the bank, is able to view and open all of the files. She can also view the security controls for each and note the ones that are marked as confidential.
Sai has access to all non-sensitive, public files that are shared.
However, since Sai is not an employee, when he tries to open one of the documents containing confidential information, the system automatically denies him access. Based on the content and sensitivity of the file, the bank’s cyber security tool flags confidential documents and blocks access to external users. This helps protect them from data breaches.

Leveraging the Microsoft Compliance Center app, the bank can use data loss prevention policies to block files that are unclassified, confidential, or contain NPPI data.

The bank also uses the Microsoft Defender for Cloud app to catch misclassified and unclassified files and restrict them from being shared externally.

KPMG can help you create and implement security policies that meet your specific requirements. With the right cyber security solution in place, you can reduce data loss and incidence response time while generating operational costs savings.

Secure your organization, build trust with your customers, and gain a competitive advantage.
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