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Together, KPMG and Microsoft accelerate front office transformation.

Jesse Loscalzo

Jesse Loscalzo

Managing Director, Customer Solutions, KPMG US

+1 651-246-3846

Today's consumers are better informed, better connected and more demanding than ever before. 

To succeed, businesses must deliver superior customer, constituent and patient experiences, reimagine their products and services, as well as migrate to a customer-centric organization, enabled by digital transformation.

Together, KPMG and Microsoft accelerate front office transformation.

Transforming your customer experience, marketing, sales and customer service functions to:

  • Optimize process efficiencies  
  • Achieve profitable growth 
  • Deliver superior customer, constituent and patient experiences

The combination of KPMG’s industry and process experience with Microsoft’s Cloud-enabling technologies, layered with regulatory, compliance and protection controls, provide a winning strategy to transformation.

We then apply our business-first approach to transformation, fueled by the KPMG Connected Enterprise and the KPMG Powered Enterprise, to drive organizations towards their most important goals. We advise on go-to market strategies across sales, marketing and customer services to accelerate outcomes.

Our teams of industry specialists understand how to deliver front office transformation; deep industry and compliance expertise, functional marketing, sales and service experience, and Microsoft certified Dynamics practitioners help to unlock untapped value.

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