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Denis Berry

Denis Berry

US Microsoft Business Leader, KPMG US

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KPMG is a full-service, global network of member firms delivering business and technology integration with a robust and growing number of consultants with Microsoft experience. Together, KPMG and Microsoft teams enable our clients the freedom to transform their business at their own pace, reducing risk, costs and stress to the organization

KPMG and Microsoft combine our strengths to help clients grow profitable revenue, optimize resource allocation and asset utilization, and align sales, marketing, and services to strengthen customer acquisition, interaction, and retention.

As part of our investment, KPMG employs Microsoft Azure and Azure AI as the backbone of a common, global cloud-based platform to strengthen our range of digital offerings in a more consistent, continuous and global way. Bill Thomas and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, recently discussed what it takes for companies to remain relevant in a digital world:

KPMG and Microsoft Alliance leadership video

KPMG’s Global Chairman and Microsoft’s CEO discuss how the alliance is helping clients

Technology is disrupting organizations across the globe. Clients are turning to us like never before and trust KPMG professionals to help them implement, manage and optimize the digital transformation of their organizations. Our investment places KPMG firmly at the forefront of this digital shift and enhances our position as a digital leader in professional services
Bill Thomas, Global Chairman and CEO - KPMG International

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