Managed detection and response. Cyber security in real time

KPMG enabled by Microsoft technology helps organizations design, build, and operate a flexible, integrated cyber-defense solution.

The security landscape has become increasingly challenging and complex as advanced cyber-attacks bore a path through internal networks, exploiting multiple correlated vulnerabilities to critical assets to meet their objective. This multi-stage approach often leaves security teams guessing whether an attack is still occurring, leaving the adversary within their environment, allowing them to dwell and learn more on how to exfiltrate data and cause more damage through encryption and deletion of backup data.

Changes to current security practices are needed to defend the enterprise against these growing threats and challenges. Proactive threat hunting and analytics drive a deeper understanding of these attacks and how to design automated preventative actions.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) has developed a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Offering. Our innovative, cloud-native solution leverages KPMG accelerators with Microsoft Sentinel to help maximize security analysts' utility. It enables us to create deep cyber insights for our clients, focusing on the ultimate unit of measure, reducing dwell time.

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