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Arun Ghosh

Arun Ghosh

Principal, Advisory, U.S. Blockchain Leader, KPMG US

KPMG is integrating enterprise blockchain in numerous industries, such as healthcare, government, telecomm, and energy, to create new efficiencies and streamline processes. We help clients define and execute their blockchain roadmap—from strategy to implementation. We also work extensively with our alliance partners to develop blockchain applications with and for our clients. With Microsoft and Tomia, we’re creating an intercarrier settlement solution for the telecomm industry in anticipation of 5G network services. Blockchain integration isn’t limited to global organizations that invest heavily in innovation. Small and midsize companies are also showing increased interest in blockchain, which could be used as a conduit to streamline information sharing as well as supply-chain management and transaction record-keeping.

To find out where the technology’s enterprise potential is the greatest, listen to this podcast with blockchain leaders from KPMG and analysts from Forrester Research, and learn more below.

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