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Jesse Loscalzo

Jesse Loscalzo

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In today’s market, technology innovation is shaping the way organizations operate. Change is constant and disruption is rapidly becoming the norm. When it comes to technology, getting it right can mean a sustainable advantage over your competition – and we at KPMG have the tools, experience and advice to help you achieve it. At KPMG, we deliver tangible results with Microsoft technology. Going further than the average systems integrator, our talented team combines deep business expertise with extensive technical capabilities to develop technology solutions that enhance your organization.

Additionally, KPMG has been recognized for earning membership into the 2021/2022 Inner Circle for Business Applications.

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Interview | Improving the Customer Experience with Technology

KPMG professionals discuss improving customer experience with technology in a booth Interview at the NRF Conference 2023



Chris Alagna: The reason why we're at NRF this year is we're just glad to be a part of the retail community, get back out in front of people, listen about what's going on with retailers, and hear from our clients’ what problems they're dealing with and how we can best solve it.

Bo Rodric: Well, it's actually my first time at NRF, so just the energy that's here, the relationships and partnerships and the people that I've met so far, it's just really, inspiring. The people are getting back out and getting back in front of their customers and, and their business.

Chris Alagna: Some of the discussion points are, we're really seeing customers trying to put technology and solutions back into the stores. People are coming back into stores, store associates need a lot more help in turning, getting a really personal customer experience for the clients that they're trying to serve. So, it's really about how do we get a personalized experience, technology and that data into the hands of store associates so they can serve their customers.

Bo Rodric: One of the big trends that I've heard is really around loss prevention. And a lot of the retailers right now that are in the omnichannel, they're selling in the store and online, are starting to see some differences in loss and in store what they're calling return fraud. So, there was a lot of discussion about that earlier in, the summer of the sessions that we're really interested in helping our customers overcome.

Chris Alagna: another trend that we're seeing is, really kind of the post covid rebound [00:01:30] of the supply chain challenges. So, before we see customers, they really had to get a lot of products in the store. Now we're seeing customers have to deal with that product and best decide how to best serve their customers while, dealing with changing patterns of buyers. So, what we're seeing is customers needing to get a lot more agile in real time with their supply chain challenges, both in the fulfillment center and restocking the stores. And those are things that we're working with Microsoft in order to bring solutions to our customers to deal with those in real time.

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