Four ways to help prepare for cloud security incidents

Learn how an organization enables security monitoring and incident response in the cloud.

The sprint to the cloud has drastically changed how CISOs should view their security boundaries and requires a paradigm shift. While the cloud has offered unprecedented opportunity for resilience, scale, and innovation, security monitoring and incident response (IR) have not kept pace with the rapid change. As we think about how to solve for this dilemma, we should consider the following problem statement—how does an organization enable security monitoring and IR in the cloud and do it the “cloud way”?

Four ways to help prepare for cloud security incidents: 

  1. Automate security monitoring and IR of cloud assets using cloud-native SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)
  2. Set up and prepare your cloud digital forensics and IR environment before you need it
  3. Retool your analysis, containment, and isolation capabilities to support cloud-native resources
  4. Rehearse your security response capability with cloud-focused adversary simulations

How can KPMG help?

KPMG transforms traditional methods of security monitoring and IR and brings these workloads to the cloud. Suitable for any phase of an organization’s cloud journey, our cloud incident response capability enables the CISO organization to seize the capabilities of cloud offerings to monitor, detect, and respond to constantly evolving threats.

Our cloud incident response capability is based on our market-leading experience in security monitoring and IR. It gives security teams the capabilities they need to respond to cloud incidents while shifting focus and costs from operational monitoring to high-value tasks such as orchestration and automation.