Proactive monitoring on Azure using AI cognitive detection

Enable continuous, near real-time Office365 email monitoring using artificial intelligence to more effectively detect risks in the workforce

Denis Berry

Denis Berry

US Microsoft Business Leader, KPMG US

+1 312-665-2866

In Life Sciences, noncompliant commercial activities and workforce misconduct can cost companies reputational damage and monetary penalties that can reach billions of dollars annually. The situation is complicated by the growing prevalence of digital communication and the evolving regulatory environment in Life Sciences, which make it difficult to detect compliance issues using only human capabilities.

KPMG helps global Life Sciences companies leverage the power of big data cloud platforms and AI to conduct more precise, proactive monitoring initiatives. Leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud, KPMG is developing a secure managed web application to enable near real-time monitoring of Office365 data that may shorten risk detection timeframes from days to hours.

KPMG, in an exclusive alliance with Microsoft, is applying our industry experience to develop a secure managed web application that can continuously analyze large volumes of Office365 data in a client’s own secure Azure cloud environment. Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) module and related machine learning (ML) models can generate predictive alerts about risky communications that need attention. This near real-time monitoring can assist clients to avoid costly manual reviews and allow proactive intervention, when needed.