KPMG and MuleSoft

Redefine the connected business with API-led integrations

Integration is vitally important to performance. Making data accessible, available, and aligned to your business processes can provide transformational opportunities for growth.

KPMG and MuleSoft can help with modernizing your approach to application and data integrations. With their combined strategy, experience, and technology, you can institute the right operating model, organizational structure, and strategic execution for API-led and iPaaS integrations. Whether you are working on a new project—such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, or Internet of Things—or developing an enterprisewide integration approach, KPMG and MuleSoft can help you access the data you need without delays, accelerate innovation across the enterprise, and enable rapid response to change.

Atif Zaim

Atif Zaim

National Managing Principal - Advisory, KPMG US

+1 212-954-7061

Brian LaHiff

Brian LaHiff

Advisory Managing Director, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

+1 404 222 7307

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KPMG Enterprise Integration enabled by MuleSoft


Accelerate success of digital transformation. Integrate and connect people, places, systems, data, algorithms. Automate access to data across your organization. Leverage APIs to increase productivity +53%, agility +46%, innovation +40%. Connected enterprise across the front, middle, back office.

KPMG Enterprise Integration enabled by MuleSoft. KPMG Center for Enablement (C4E) using Catalyst. Do MuleSoft integration right, from the start.

  • Enablement to establish foundations for a strong API-led and MuleSoft integration.
  • Readiness to accelerate and align MuleSoft API-led implementations.
  • Accelerators enabled by MuleSoft tailored to your business to fast track your path to success.

Deliver an integrated and connected experience across the front, middle, back office. Fast track innovation with KPMG.