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Customer identity and access management from KPMG and Okta

Jacob Pszonowsky

Jacob Pszonowsky

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US

+1 415-963-7080

The potential benefits of providing customers with online, self-service access to data, applications, and accounts are immense, including lower service costs and higher customer satisfaction. With digital business now the norm, customers— whether business-to-business, partner, or consumer—expect their experiences to be seamless. Any friction with sign-ups, log-ins, and password recovery could cause customers to abandon the transaction or move to another company, impacting revenue.

This poses a challenge to all companies: not only are the processes and technology supporting that simple log-in box very complex, but customer identity has to be secure. You need to know that customers are who they claim to be at registration and log-in, and you need to protect their personal data from attackers. Without a secure identity, you risk both reputational loss and regulatory fines in the event of data loss or a breach.

Fortunately, the alliance between KPMG and Okta can help with a secure and reliable customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that keeps consumer data safe and provides easy access to a company’s digital experiences. The solution combines Okta’s leading, cloud-based identity platform with KPMG’s cross-functional experience in planning, designing, and integrating identity capabilities with existing business systems. 

KPMG and Okta’s CIAM solution embeds identity into existing applications, so you can securely roll out new offerings across digital channels at an accelerated pace.


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