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Jim Wilhelm

Jim Wilhelm

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US

+1 267-256-7271

As your business transforms by redesigning processes and shifting applications to the cloud, you gain immense flexibility, vast scale, and a connected workforce. Today’s workforce, however, includes large numbers of remote workers. These dispersed employees, contractors, and partners become the endpoints of the network—forming a potentially vulnerable perimeter to the enterprise. At the same time, you still rely on legacy applications, creating a complex, hybrid information technology (IT) environment. With employees accessing both cloud and on-premises systems from remote, exposed locations on a multitude of devices, a breach is merely a matter of time for companies that rely on outdated identity systems.

Fortunately, thoughtful implementations of modern, cloud-based workforce identity and access management (IAM) systems streamline application access, improve compliance, and provide confidence that the business is safe. In fact, effective workforce IAM is the foundation for any cybersecurity program. The alliance between Okta and KPMG can accelerate the delivery of a secure and streamlined workforce IAM solution that benefits everyone in the organization.

With KPMG Cyber’s managed services for workforce IAM, you can confidently out-task daily, monthly, and quarterly business and service operations, freeing you to focus on strategic initiatives and profitable growth. The managed service delivers quantifiable cost reductions and exhibits auditable outcomes to regulators while helping to reduce security and compliance risk.


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