Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM together

A unified Oracle Cloud financials and HCM suite is fast, inexpensive, and a secure way to transform the back office.

Thomas Gall

Thomas Gall

Principal, Enterprise Solutions, KPMG US

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Rich Isola

Rich Isola

Principal, Advisory, Enterprise Solutions, KPMG US

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The challenges with today’s back office

Today, most companies are saddled with legacy back-office systems that were designed and implemented years ago. These systems usually operate in different silos — HR has one system, finance has another. Maintaining different back-office systems for finance and HR is risky and complex. These siloed platforms require separate support and operations teams.

Migrating off legacy siloed processes and systems can feel like a daunting challenge. Many of these systems have been in place for decades, and users are heavily tied to the legacy processes. Moving can be tough. Thankfully, KPMG and Oracle together have designed a better way forward.

One integrated cloud platform for the entire back office

Simultaneously implementing ERP and HCM cloud systems provides key benefits

  • Faster install
    Combined cloud installations take, on average, 30%-50% less time than sequential installs of ERP, then HCM.
  • Less cost
    Integrated Cloud ERP and HCM costs less and provides efficiency and momentum.
  • Reduced stress on people and systems
    Implementing Cloud ERP and HCM in pieces inevitably requires rework because the timeline is longer. Simultaneous installation means a shorter, simpler experience with just one vendor.