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With the flexibility of containers that can run on any cloud

Vinodh Swaminathan

Vinodh Swaminathan

Global Lead Partner & Principal, KPMG US

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Pressure for faster, more responsive service is driving organizations to adopt a more agile, modern approach to application delivery. Companies that make the critical transition to modern applications, with container-based systems that can run on any cloud, stand to gain application performance at the speed and scale of digital.

Why make the shift to containers?

  • Speed up application development and delivery
  • Focus less time on maintenance and more on innovation
  • Allow for faster integration of existing applications
  • Keep pace with modern worker skills as staff experienced in older apps are hard to find
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with the flexibility to run on any cloud
  • Better security
  • Cost reduction

KPMG and Red Hat combine years of experience and technology to help clients modernize costly, monolithic applications as part of their cloud transformation journey to meet the demands of the current marketplace.

KPMG and Red Hat Application Modernization

CIOs understand that application modernization is a key step in the cloud transformation journey – one that can unlock future innovation. Modernizing with containers affords performance at the speed and scale of digital. KPMG and Red Hat Application Modernization leverages OpenShift, an open-source container platform that can run on hybrid or multi-cloud environments, giving clients multiple options to choose what will work best for their needs.