KPMG and Red Hat containerization hub

Enhancing speed, consistency, and cost-efficiency for container adoption

Kevin Martelli

Kevin Martelli

Principal, Lighthouse, KPMG US

+1 267-256-3312

Vinodh Swaminathan

Vinodh Swaminathan

Global Lead Partner & Principal, KPMG US

+1 203-940-1284

The shift from legacy environments to modern, cloud-based applications continues to gather speed, and many IT leaders are adopting containerization to support their application modernization process.

As a lightweight, standalone, and executable package of code, containers provide a streamlined way to build, test, deploy, and redeploy applications. They help integrate different environments supported by multiple cloud service platforms.

Despite the proven advantages of containers, development and implementation can be a challenge. There are many decisions to think about and a “learn as you go” approach can be costly and time-consuming.

To address these challenges, KPMG and Red Hat developed the KPMG and Red Hat Containerization Hub that enables organizations with a well-defined, guided roadmap to realize their goals and objectives in a methodical and logical manner. These customized offerings are designed to help our clients:

  • Adopt container architecture via pre-built accelerators, blueprints, and best practices to accelerate the application migration journey
  • Reduce development time, and maintenance costs by identifying and developing reusable assets
  • Drive compliance and consistency through standardization and a cross-organizational approach
  • Allow application teams to focus on delivering business value.