How to modernize applications in the era of hybrid cloud

Application modernization from conception to execution and striking the right balance among technology, people, and processes.

Vinodh Swaminathan

Vinodh Swaminathan

Global Lead Partner & Principal, KPMG US

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Clients are often evaluating multiple options to digitally transform and invest in modern applications. Should they sunset their current technology and start fresh with SaaS or cloud-native applications? Or should they simply abandon their legacy data center and move their applications as is to a cloud-based infrastructure provider? Or is it worth refactoring and re-architecting the application to make it more modern? Finally, should the organization modernize “in place” on-premises, so the kinks can be worked out before committing to a cloud service provider?

Maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle: Choose a hybrid deployment model that provides more flexibility in the medium to long term. All these approaches—and others—are likely to be considered by CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and other IT leaders. C-suite business executives also need to play a key role in these deliberations, since application modernization ultimately must serve the overriding purpose of enhancing the organization’s competitive position and achieving its business goals.

This paper looks at how to address application modernization from conception to execution, striking the right balance among technology, people, and processes.