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Jim Wilhelm

Jim Wilhelm

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US

+1 267-256-7271

Cyber attacks threaten organizations every day. A single breach can result in intellectual property loss, reputational damage, financial penalties, wasted time, and administrative cost. From the C-suite through the Information Technology (IT) department, managers are expected to protect data and systems from accidental leakage and deliberate cyber attacks.

KPMG and SailPoint can work with your company to build a customized cyber strategy that provides informed threat intelligence and alignment with your threat exposure comfort level, creating a balance of data protection and data accessibility needed for business growth.

Together, KPMG’s Identity Access Management services and SailPoint technology provide a broad business-centric transformation program that leverages leading IAM technologies and tested information security practices to help minimize risk, address compliance requirements, enhance user experiences, streamline business processes controls, and help optimize user administration operations. Led by KPMG’s highly skilled and experienced professionals, the companies have worked on many joint engagements and achieved multiple successes in the marketplace. With the combined knowledge and technology, you can increase efficiencies and drive down costs, while simultaneously enhancing your customers’ experiences to expand revenue opportunities.



IAM: New threats require a new approach

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