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KPMG Cloud Identity Governance bridge

Jim Wilhelm

Jim Wilhelm

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US

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With enterprises shifting to cloud-based alternatives at increasing velocity, IT executives are charged with protecting critical data while also streamlining user access to these cloud applications. Yet, businesses are not running 100 percent on the cloud. On-premises applications must also be secure and accessible. Given today’s reality of hybrid enterprise environments, IT executives need to deploy identity and access management (IAM) technology that responds to the unique needs of this hybrid reality.

KPMG can help integrate identity governance for both cloud and on-premises applications while streamlining IAM in a hybrid environment. Companies that use— or are considering using—SailPoint IdentityIQ and Okta can leverage KPMG Cloud Identity Governance Bridge to manage users, applications, accounts, and certification actions for both cloud and on- premises applications.

Enhanced security and control with KPMG, SailPoint, and Okta

KPMG’s strategic alliances with SailPoint and Okta can help your company protect information and deliver secure access, even as you pursue new digital interactions and enhanced productivity in the cloud. KPMG provides the services and capabilities that enable enterprises using both SailPoint IdentityIQ and Okta to streamline and integrate their IAM strategies.

Easy to use, configure, and maintain, KPMG Cloud Identity Governance Bridge can help you manage, control, and secure cloud and on-premises applications in today’s hybrid environments.

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