Corporate and Investment Banking with Salesforce

Accelerating deal management with greater efficiency, transparency, and insights

Michael Herman

Michael Herman

Principal, Advisory, C&O Financial Services, KPMG US

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Helping deal makers work better, faster, and smarter — all while increasing deal flow

Managing deals takes a lot of work and time — days and evenings working through research, analysis, planning, correspondence, client interactions, approvals, deal team meetings, statements, reports, and business filings. Many investment bankers and their colleagues still use traditional tools like spreadsheets, word processing programs, point solutions, or homegrown applications to manage their deal lifecycles. Data sources that help bankers understand valuable client insights and market trends live in disparate systems. With multiple teams working on many activities at the same time, no one has a single, shared view of deal activities and progress.

This can result in redundant efforts, a lack of coordination among dealmakers, extended deadlines, and missed investment banking opportunities.

Bankers traditionally rely on trusted relationships to identify new investment banking opportunities. Intelligent analytics leveraging internal, external data and relationship maps can identify trigger events and support bankers with actionable insights – the next best action to drive net new deal flow and take advantage of first mover activities.

The sheer size and complexity of deals can lead to security and compliance issues. Sensitive information needs to be accessed, shared, and protected among stakeholders at precise times and in specific formats.

To address this challenge, KPMG has partnered with Salesforce to pair our deep industry knowledge with their industry-leading Customer Relationship Management solution to create a technology solution tailored to create transparency into the holistic deal management lifecycle.

Digital capabilities replace manual tasks, empowering bankers to focus their time on personalized client engagement, while also providing analytics and insights to help bankers identify trends and proactively generate net new deal flow.