Customer 360 with Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

Achieve a full view of your customers with Salesforce’s data aggregation and personalization tool

There’s a reason that CDPs are one of the fastest growing categories in marketing technology – because marketers know the best campaigns are based on personalized, targeted messaging. This type of customized cross-channel program is only possible when there is enough profile and activity data to inform the approach. There’s also a reason Salesforce is a leading CRM platform. Salesforce has built that level of trust as a place to build up data sets related to customers and customer activity. By tying the power of the CDP to the CRM and the Marketing Cloud platform, marketers are able to build a robust customer profile, activate their personalized marketing campaigns, and then take action based on the insights gleaned from campaign activity.

KPMG helps companies implement and optimize Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform

As a Salesforce partner, KPMG can plan, design, implement, and manage your Marketing Cloud CDP. CDP implementation starts with mapping out the existing data sources in Enterprise Relationship Diagrams before mapping the connections. From there, we’ll activate personalization based on that integrated data across channels and create a measurement framework to ensure continuous improvement. We’re committed to customer success, and industry accolades have been consistent – KPMG is a partner you can trust because we know data and we know how better data can lead to better outcomes for marketers.

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