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Digital platform to help pediatric hospitals accelerate family experience.

Hank Yang

Hank Yang

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Michael Beaty

Michael Beaty

Principal, Health & Government Solutions, KPMG LLP

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Waves of change are cresting across the healthcare landscape, driven by demographic shifts that dramatically impact which services are needed and how they are delivered. Propelling the change is the movement to put the consumer at the center of the patient experience. In a pediatric hospital, a family-centric healthcare system is even more essential because the patient’s family is the key decision maker. In modern times, family dynamics and childcare are complex and continually changing, so many people can be involved.

Pediatric hospitals must be able to map relationships and gain a full view of the family to ensure a differentiated experience. Mapping can unify family data and facilitate communication across channels and devices. When hospital systems are out of date, however, information is not centralized and coordinated among providers. Fragmented data makes it impossible to see all the dimensions of care. Consequently, pediatric hospitals can’t provide a user-friendly family experience.

KPMG solutions help accelerate family experience

KPMG leverages its deep healthcare and digital transformation experience to provide pediatric hospitals with a streamlined experience built on Salesforce Health Cloud. Importantly, the platform reflects our skills in user-friendly, human-centered design. The technology serves the family and providers, not vice versa. As a result, we are able to drive significant business value, including:

  • Enhanced data sharing across departments and early identification of new referring providers for hospital outreach and marketing teams
  • Tracking and attribution of marketing campaign activities to incoming referrals by practice and provider
  • Improved reporting of referring providers to support relationship building.

Achieve success with KPMG and Salesforce

The Salesforce alliance is one of the fastest-growing global practices at KPMG. Our alliance drives strategic value and ROI as measured by our pediatric hospital clients, including:

  • Higher customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy based on family experience
  • Increased family focus on quality care and reputation as a leader in pediatric medicine, rather than price sensitivity
  • Direct impact from referrals and word of mouth based on family experience
  • Improved employee and provider retention, which drives productivity and growth.

With the power of digital transformation from KPMG and pacesetting solutions from Salesforce, pediatric hospitals can deliver lasting innovation.