Make every patient touchpoint matter

Vince Vickers

Vince Vickers

Principal, National Healthcare Advisory Leader, KPMG US

+1 317-616-2525

Learn about how KPMG, Salesforce and Mulesoft help providers offer exceptional patient experiences across the care continuum.


Accelerated by safety responses to COVID-19, customer expectations for healthcare are changing—creating growth opportunities for healthcare systems. Today, patients want healthcare to be: accessible and convenient; connected across devices, records and doctors; hassle-free in navigation and processing; and covered with their finances. You need a platform intuitive enough to welcome customers at all touchpoints, yet robust enough to integrate with critical back office systems. You need a digital front door.

A digital front door from KPMG and Salesforce can help you attract new patients and retain current ones, increasing market share and boosting top line revenue. Our integrated and patient-centric offering provides personalization and engagement capabilities, self-service and community capabilities, and Integrated patient care management and support services. Connections between the digital front door and core systems of record are important. The MuleSoft integration platform enables connections so that patients can have the information and access they desire.

A digital front door and connected patient experience from KPMG and Salesforce can help you provide patients with exceptional service throughout the care continuum. When you can make your patients feel known, you can drive long-term growth, a differentiated experience, and strong, lasting relationships.