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Technology is transforming the way manufacturers engage in customer and field service

Digital technology is changing the way manufacturers engage in customer and field service. Leaders are transforming their business and operating models toward connected and digitally enabled services. They want to provide a growth engine for their business, deliver higher margins than standalone sales, and contribute to greater customer lifetime value.

A digitally enabled services business can:

  • Enhance customer experience and loyalty by orchestrating each interaction across the customer journey for effective communications, responsive service, timely execution, etc.
  • Maximize customer lifetime value by using customer, install base, and operational insights to optimize offers, and maximize service attach for annuity-based services.  
  • Offer new services that open revenue opportunities and enhance customer experience, generate value for customers, and maximize customer lifetime value for the organization.
  • Maximize service effectiveness by reducing response and resolution time and maximizing equipment performance. 
  • Reduce cost to serve by addressing service calls via remote centers, automation, or self-service. 

KPMG has a long history of developing and implementing connected enterprise models that link manufacturing, installation, and service into a seamless whole. We bring a combination of deep experience in manufacturing, field and customer service, business models, and business operations transformation.

We also have extensive knowledge of Salesforce, an alliance partner, offering a leading suite of products, including Salesforce Field Service. This solution builds trusted, on-time support in the field, schedules smoothly, reduces idle time, and improves worker productivity. In combination with Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Field Service delivers end-to-end support, from case management, to work order, to technician debrief.

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