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Accelerate and streamline the agent onboarding journey with KPMG and Salesforce

Michael Herman

Michael Herman

Principal, Advisory, C&O Financial Services, KPMG US

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In a changing digital world, the value of a human agent in the insurance industry remains a constant. The agent continues to be a key facet in insurance distribution, providing sage advice to support the sale of complex products and offerings. In fact, intermediaries are the leading channel for selling insurance in the United States. Keeping agents engaged, productive, and happy is critical to any agent-driven carrier’s success, but there are hurdles.

Agents want to start selling faster, yet the typical onboarding journey is confusing and inconsistent. Some onboarding processes even rely on handwritten applications, faxes, data entry, and lengthy issue-resolution procedures.

What does it take to improve this experience? A human-centered approach, guided by insurance distribution expertise and the right digital tools to support their journey.

KPMG is a business integrator, a collaborator with skills in the Salesforce ecosystem as well as depth of industry experience to help ensure you realize value from your investment. KPMG has prebuilt assets and accelerators than can speed time to deployment of capabilities to create a more thorough and responsive onboarding journey. This can deliver return on investment by improving recruitment, retention, and revenue generation.

Carriers that follow traditional onboarding methods will lose to competitors that onboard digitally. Now is the time to invest and innovate the agent onboarding process.