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KPMG and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence can help marketers deliver maximum impact on marketing investments

Ryan Doubet

Ryan Doubet

Managing Director, Customer Advisory, Marketing Consulting, KPMG LLP

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As the marketing ecosystem continues to evolve around the digital-first customers, marketers now rely on a diverse marketing mix of channels led by their brand website, display advertising, email campaigns, programmatic advertising, social media, and a long tail of additional channels.

On average, marketers use twenty-four marketing and advertising platforms for their marketing strategies, and this requires an effective tool to optimize marketing campaigns, automate reporting and make data-driven decisions faster. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence allows marketers to connect, analyze, and take action on their data in one marketing tool to drive ROI, speed, and growth across the business.

KPMG can help companies adopt and effectively use Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence

KPMG has a defined, tried, and tested Salesforce delivery model. We use an agile approach, customized based on the client/Industry, to retain flexibility and nimbleness as we work through Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence planning and system configuration options. We aim to strike the right balance between efficient and effective agile delivery and quality safeguards and controls.