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Michael Herman

Michael Herman

U.S. Sales Transformation and CRM Lead, KPMG US

+1 212-954-3898

Jason Galloway

Jason Galloway

Principal, Advisory Customer Solutions, KPMG US

+1 636-614-4250

A common vision for the connected enterprise

Today’s customers expect coordinated, high-quality, and relevant interactions that deliver a clear benefit—even to the point of anticipating needs.  KPMG and Salesforce understand today’s marketing environment. By combining the extensive KPMG experience in marketing and enterprise-wide transformations with Salesforce’s digital marketing automation and analytics platform, your marketing team can meet today’s customer expectations and deliver value with every interaction. Together, you can build a customer-centric marketing organization—and then extend that customer focus throughout the front office and the enterprise.

Whether your customer is a business or a consumer, Marketing Cloud can unify data sources, personalize on every channel, engage in any stage of a brand relationship, and measure the performance of every campaign. KPMG provides a defined, tried and tested Salesforce Delivery Model, using an agile approach to retain flexibility and nimbleness through Marketing Cloud planning and configuration. KPMG aims to strike the right balance between efficient and effective agile delivery and quality safeguards and controls.

The journey towards connected, personalized customer experiences begins with marketing. KPMG and Salesforce can help align your marketing organization around customers—and connect it with the rest of the enterprise—so you can be more agile, more competitive, and more profitable.

Marketing to the connected customer
The journey towards connected, personalized customer experiences begins with marketing.

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