KPMG and Samsung

Accelerate your pace with secure, fast, and reliable Enterprise 5G networks

The time to develop a secure 5G strategy and take steps to execute it is now. The alliance between KPMG LLP, an innovator in delivering secure 5G solutions, and Samsung, a leading 5G mobile devices and network infrastructure provider, can help. With a well-defined, collaborative engagement model, KPMG and Samsung work with you to identify where, when, and how to implement the right 5G solutions for your business and industry. Gain a first-mover, competitive advantage by accessing new capabilities that accelerate innovation.

Enterprise 5G networks to transform your business

The revolutionary advances in capacity, reliability, and efficiency promised by 5G technology has the potential to take industries to new levels of automation and connectivity. KPMG and Samsung can help your business capture a first-mover advantage with campus-based, enterprise 5G networks.

Greg Corlis

Greg Corlis

Internet of Things Leader, KPMG US

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KPMG and Samsung

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