New standards usher in a new era in accounting and risk management

The new CECL and IFRS 9 standards require a deeper level of credit modeling, analysis, and reporting than was previously required. And these changes are significant in terms of how banks will manage risk and financial data, build their analytic platforms, and share information between departments.

The alliance between KPMG and SAS delivers industry-leading services and technology to help your company navigate the new standards. KPMG takes a multidisciplinary approach to CECL and IFRS 9 adoption, providing services related to accounting and regulatory change as well as the broader risk management and financial data environment. Adopted by more than 75 global financial institutions, SAS’s ECL software solution is a market leading modeling and orchestration platform. Together, KPMG and SAS can help your organization address the challenges of these new accounting standards.

Ed Bayer

Ed Bayer

Principal, Modeling & Valuation, KPMG US

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Michael Ohlweiler

Michael Ohlweiler

Partner, Risk Analytics, KPMG US

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