Preparing finance organizations for CECL and IFRS 9

New standards usher in a new era of risk management

Michael Ohlweiler

Michael Ohlweiler

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A broad services and software solution

The alliance between KPMG LLP and SAS delivers CECL and IFRS 9 offerings that combine the capabilities and resources of two of the leading market providers: SAS with the dedicated ECL software platform and KPMG with enablement services including in-depth accounting, finance, tax, modeling, and risk specialization. This offering allows organizations to develop or leverage models for ECL, generate or import cash flows for securities and other assets, and create the required journal entries and disclosures to complete the accounting requirements within a controlled process framework.

KPMG and SAS’s joint ECL solution is centered on the following four key components:

  • Data sourcing and management
  • Risk models
  • Accounting calculations and reporting capabilities
  • All within a controlled process orchestration environment.

With the right experience and technology to assist in ECL transitions, KPMG and SAS can guide you through the assessment, design, and implementation phases.

KPMG and SAS | Advanced Solutions for CECL and IFRS Compliance


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