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Ian Sterling

Ian Sterling

Principal, Advisory, Actuarial, KPMG US

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The insurance industry is a multitrillion-dollar business. The volatile and uncertain economic environment is driving insurers to alter the way they conduct business. With great uncertainty coupled with rapidly changing markets, disruptive technologies, and new regulations, executives are encountering complex market issues, changing governance and risk management, and responding to an imperative to improve profitability.

Insurance executives need to harness all available data with more sophisticated techniques to understand and manage their business. One example that highlights this is the performance of commercial auto over the past decade, with loss ratios hovering in the 80%’s, adverse claim trends running twice the rate of inflation, and adverse reserve development not just occurring eight years in a row but increasing each year.

Executives in finance, underwriting, claims, and actuarial are all wondering what techniques they can use to get ahead of long-running problems like this, and no one discipline can do it alone. This example is not unique. Companies that best understand the root causes of the issues and address them even before they become such a significant problem will be the ones that will survive and thrive in a very competitive market. Leading companies have adopted new technologies and innovative techniques, such as micro- segmentation, to gain decisive competitive advantage.

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