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The combined KPMG SAS approach allows organizations to leverage technology to improve efficiency throughout the MRM process.

Adam Levy

Adam Levy

Principal, Modeling & Valuation, KPMG US

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A joint approach from KPMG and SAS

The emergence of CECL, IFRS9, and IFRS 17 has significantly increased the number of models that financial services companies are using today to run their business. Combined with an increase in the complexity of these models, the interdependence of the model variables and the increased usage of automation and technology results in a much more dynamic environment for evaluating and managing model risk. Creating and maintaining a strong Model

Risk Management (MRM) process is integral and the time to start is now. KPMG and SAS provide an integrated, enterprise-wide, technology-enabled approach to address and manage model risk.

Providing software and services to create a leading MRM framework; help enables efficiency; and provide the needed governance, controls, compliance, documentation management, MRM, and reporting to help take your organization to the next level.

Model Risk Management
No longer just a compliance exercise

Model Risk Management webinar

The SAS/GARP AI/ML Model Risk Management survey investigates where firms are heading.

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