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Ed Bayer

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KPMG’s alliance with SAS helps to provide your organization with the industry knowledge and experience of KPMG professionals, working with SAS’s dedicated analytic software platform, to provide services in the areas of accounting and regulatory change, as well as risk and financial data management. Together we offer solutions on Accounting Change, Model Risk Management, Continuous Monitoring for Procurement Integrity and Anti- Money Laundering.

As a positive response to the current challenges faced by global organizations, the goal of our joint Cloud Acceleration Centers is to help companies navigate their journey to the cloud—from design and architecture to implementation—more cost-effectively and with increased speed. The centers are intended to be highly collaborative, tech-enabled environments that bring together multidisciplinary teams. They seek to support clients who have their own cloud environment, as well as those who are employing other cloud-based managed services.

KPMG and SAS Alliance Based Offerings

  1. Accounting Change: Deliver solutions to help facilitate firm transitions through accounting changes such as CECL, IFRS 9, IFRS 17, LDTI and ASU 2016-13. KPMG provides services across the entire life-cycle of expected credit loss transformation while also enabling the importing of securities data and accounting information to produce accounting statements, management reports and regulatory disclosure reports. The goal is to implement a transparent, auditable and repeatable process for these accounting changes.

  2. Model Risk Management (MRM): Creating and maintaining a strong MRM process is integral due to the increasing complexity of models in the financial services industry due to the emergence of CECL, IFRS 9 and IFRS 17. These changes have led to a highly dynamic environment for evaluating and managing model risk. The KPMG and SAS approach to MRM enables efficiency, provides the needed governance, controls, compliance, documentation management and reporting to help take organizations to the next level. SAS implements the MRM tool. KPMG then provides services over the wide-ranging model lifecycle and understands how to develop and improve the MRM framework. The combined approach allows organizations to leverage technology to improve efficiency throughout the MRM process, while enhancing business users’ and stakeholders’ experiences.

  3. Continuous Monitoring for Procurement Integrity (CMPI): CMPI empowers businesses to proactively detect, investigate and mitigate fraud in the procurement process through a powerful combination of artificial intelligence, integrated forensic capabilities and pre-configured analytical scenarios. KPMG and SAS jointly offer an industry leading PI solution built upon three key pillars which are (1) the KPMG Forensic Network of 3,000+ professionals to customize the solution based on industry, geography and client factors, (2) SAS’s advanced analytics platform to more efficiently organize data, detect anomalies, adapt to changing conditions, and continuously monitor fraud, and (3) tailored delivery models to match client needs and capacity constraints. The objective is to detect and mitigate procurement fraud and enable businesses to manage with more confidence.

  4. Anti-Money Laundering (AML): KPMG and SAS developed an innovative solution to reduce the burden of AML compliance within existing programs. The approach involves the augmentation of AML transaction monitoring systems with artificial intelligence and machine learning models which can predict sizeable volumes of false positives. AML programs can be deployed either on- premises or hosted in the cloud. This results in a powerful model platform with custom hosting capabilities, which allows for various tuning and enhancement of both the platform and workflows with an aim of being transparent for explanation and auditing purposes.
Proven partnership
An overview of the KPMG and SAS alliance and our offerings together.

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