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Mitch Kenfield

Mitch Kenfield

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Customers are hard to find and harder to keep

Companies spend billions creating and placing advertisements that often set up lofty customer expectations. The same organizations spend a fraction on service planning and design leaving customers disappointed and disloyal. It’s not enough for organizations to be first to market with the best product or service. They have to consistently and cost effectively exceed customer expectations to remain competitive.

Many organizations are turning to service management to improve service quality. As a process information technology departments commonly use, service management can also provide a consistent, scalable, and automated way to improve customer interaction. ServiceNow® Customer Service Management is a software solution that enables organizations to connect their sales and support functions to provide a holistic customer service experience. The software allows customers to communicate with vendors via multiple channels, and agents can resolve issues, answer questions, and fulfill requests. Many IT departments have already invested in ServiceNow but don’t realize the application can easily and naturally extend service management to customer service. The team from KPMG LLP (KPMG) can make that connection.

Improve customer experience and reduce costs

Implementing ServiceNow as a service management tool is an important step, but the tool works only as well as the service strategy. In addition to configuring the software, skilled KPMG professionals focus on helping create the desired customer experience, and creating that experience for the right cost. They use a collaborative, agile approach to unify traditional handoffs between multiple platforms and people into a single platform. The result is a transparent view of the entire customer lifecycle. Service calls that took multiple points of contact can be resolved in one.

Customers are hard to find and harder to keep
Complement a modern service strategy with consistent, scalable, and automated improvements in customer interaction enabled by ServiceNow Customer Service Management.

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