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Joe Koester

Joe Koester

Principal, Advisory, Platforms, KPMG US

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Move beyond just managing IT assets

KPMG IT Asset Management services, in conjunction with the ServiceNow ITAM platform, helps organizations join financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support life cycle management and strategic decision-making for the IT environment. Organizations that employ an effective ITAM program can reduce IT costs and mitigate potential risks.

KPMG applies the depth of business and industry knowledge with the width of ServiceNow and technology integration understanding. We help organizations address tactical areas that can generate savings and in turn fund improvements that help to repair the root causes and stem future overspending. Uncovering unnecessary spend is a function of understanding the environment

Top Reasons for Overspending on Your Assets:

  • Inconsistent and decentralized asset management processes
  • Lack of planning against actual demand
  •  Failure to identify what you already own
  • Poor data quality from referential sources
  • Lack of appropriate resources
  • Weak uninformed vendor management programs
  • Purchased programs that are not fit for the purpose
  • Lack of audit analysis
  • Lack of policy enforcement
  • Lack of analytic tools

Implementing a successful ITAM program takes a combination of industry experience, tool capability, cross functional process design and organizational change. KPMG brings this and more to every organization - freeing up funds to invest in other innovative, valuable projects.

Enhance your view into IT asset management to maximize your value
Create a clearer vision and strategy for managing your IT assets with KPMG enabled by the ServiceNow IT Asset Management platform.