ServiceNow | IT and Customer Service Management optimization services

Optimize the service quality of your IT and customer service management investment with strategic consulting from KPMG

Many organizations are turning to service management to improve service quality. From IT to Customer Service, KPMG optimization services enabled by ServiceNow provide consistent, scalable, and automated ways of managing IT and customer service management functions while reducing costs and potential risks.

In addition to configuring the software, skilled KPMG professionals focus on helping create the desired experience, and creating that experience for the right cost. Learn more on how KPMG enhances technology business management, IT asset management and customer service management investments.

  • KPMG and ServiceNow® ITFM helps organizations build a more strategic working relationship between IT and finance by running IT as a business – transforming IT costs into IT value.
  • KPMG and ServiceNow® ITAM helps organizations join financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support life cycle management and strategic decision-making for the IT environment – creating a clearer vision and strategy for your IT assets. 
  • KPMG and ServiceNow® Customer Service Management helps organizations connect their sales and support functions to provide a holistic customer service experience – exceeding customer expectations while reducing costs.

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