Operationalize ESG across the enterprise

Affect change with a data-driven strategy and supporting operating model enabled by workflow technology.

Melinda Mothander

Melinda Mothander

Advisory Managing Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technology Services, KPMG US

+1 703-286-8669

The KPMG 2021 CEO Outlook survey found that 81 percent of executives saw ESG initiatives as a strategic priority. Many have set high-level goals and begun initiatives within various functions. However, given the breadth of ESG and the considerations needed across multiple departments and systems, few have devised a cohesive and enterprise-wide approach. To establish visibility across an ESG program, organizations need an approach that aligns initiatives across departments, and moves data across systems to enable program measurement and effectiveness.

Without a well-designed data and technology solution, organizations will continue to require a high degree of manual effort to “connect the dots” across ESG initiatives. Whether it be manual collection and review of data, manual management of programs and projects, or manual creation of reports that links everything together, too many points of action outside of a central system can exponentially increase the risk of error and intensify the challenge to properly inform stakeholders.

To address these challenges KPMG LLP (KPMG) has teamed with ServiceNow as their lead launch and design partner to bring a new integrated ESG solution to clients. Together, KPMG and ServiceNow help companies gain visibility and transparency across their ESG initiatives with a tailored strategy, governance, and reporting all managed on one technology platform.