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Joe Koester

Joe Koester

Principal, Advisory, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

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When you earn and deserve the trust of all your  stakeholders, you create a solid platform for  responsible growth, confident decision-making, bolder innovation and sustainable advances in performance and efficiency. This is the Trusted imperative—a dynamic new approach to risk and regulation for a digital era.


The need for integrated risk management is increasing 

Integrated risk management: A team sport

As risks are growing, leaders are pressured to be more proactive and data-driven. How can the integrated risk management framework help organizations build stakeholder trust?

Much like a team sport, creating a culture of trust and approaching risk management beyond the technical requirements builds upon a shared vision and shared strategy. Leveraging an IRM framework across the enterprise is a key success factor. 

Watch the video for KPMG​ viewpoints on how integrated risk management contributes to the enterprise success and how ServiceNow​ can help.



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