Why does your IT need to be greener?

It’s the right thing to do

Environmentally sustainable computing doesn’t stop at hardware

The world’s data centers consume about 1 percent of all available electricity and produce approximately 0.5 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. With the U.S. housing more data center servers than any other country, almost 30 percent,1 we have a tremendous opportunity to reduce their environmental impact.

Green IT does not stop with hardware recycling and e-waste

A true environmentally sustainable computing and IT program, as shown in the diagram on the next page, encompasses everything related to IT–applications, data, infrastructure optimization, and information security. Hardware is one small piece of infrastructure, which also includes networks, cloud, data centers, and more.

Progress along your ESG journey now

Why should CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs even start greening IT? Because it is the right thing to do. Many IT departments already use ServiceNow for IT service management. These companies can manage the enterprise ESG program on the ServiceNow Platform, including planning and managing projects, decarbonizing operations and infrastructure, and measuring initiative progress.

Technology leaders are trying to keep the cyber environment safe and staff motivated. They must stay ahead of constantly changing technology customer demands. Greening IT is a continuous process that starts now and continues as long as information–and humans–exist. KPMG has helped many organizations become ESG leaders. Our teams apply global, cross-industry experience as we work with you on your ESG strategy, execution, reporting, and auditability. The approach defies silos to align your investments and enable transparency to help build trust. It blends ESG efforts with other priorities to enhance business performance. The result is a mature program with ESG infused through your organization for a more sustainable future.

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