Turning contracts into strategic assets | Contract lifecycle management

An AI-enabled contract management platform unites stakeholders across departments and functions around a single source of truth, increasing speed to contract while improving outcomes.

Toby Yu

Toby Yu

Advisory Principal - Procurement & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG US

+1 713-319-2475

To realize the true value inherent within enterprise-wide contracts, it’s vital to transform them into data accessible to stakeholders across departments. On an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform, contracts become assets that can help companies strategically align commercial terms, optimize risks, and streamline operations and supply chains.

The typical contract encounters over 40 friction points in its lifecycle—and most companies don’t have the capability to give stakeholders seamless access to the information within them. What’s missing from the way companies manage their contracts?

An intelligent contract lifecycle management platform is the source of truth to customers, suppliers, business partners, and stakeholders across the business—and, as part of the KPMG Connected Enterprise, it easily provides data to help optimize operations, protect supply chains, increase margins, and lower costs.

SirionLabs brings AI-powered capabilities to a single contract management platform that helps enterprises manage the complete contracting lifecycle. The KPMG alliance with SirionLabs will help us provide clients with the data to help optimize their operations, protect their supply chains, and increase margins.