Enabling the modern data architecture

Extract value from data and reduce costs with KPMG and Snowflake

Regardless of industry, all organizations store data in a mix of different systems and platforms. This fragmented, siloed data limits the value that business users can achieve and impacts costs, operations, performance, and time to market. As a result of these challenges, many forward-thinking executives are initiating cross-organization programs to modernize enterprise data platforms—with the twin goals of reducing expenses and increasing the business value derived from data.

Together, KPMG and Snowflake can help enable access to new insights from all areas of your enterprise. The alliance between KPMG and Snowflake helps organizations use data management as a lever to deliver business value and cost savings. KPMG guides clients through data-driven, cloud-based business transformations and projects using Snowflake’s data cloud to deliver speed, scale, ease-of-use, and lower costs.

KPMG approaches Snowflake migrations considering both near-term and long-term goals. After learning the complexities of your data environment, KPMG focuses on a phased migration roadmap that helps deliver business value incrementally. Experienced professionals size data and processing capacity and use leading integration tools to migrate data.

Combining the KPMG strategic perspectives and established frameworks with Snowflake’s data cloud platform can help you gain significant insight into your business operations while also reducing expenditures.



Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher

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