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How can we increase your efficiency?

Andrew Maryott

Andrew Maryott

Director, Tax, Ignition - Systems Integration, KPMG LLP

+1 212-954-6727

The efficiency review

From both KPMG and Thomson Reuters, we’ve seen an increase in the need to become more efficient with fewer resources, improve effectiveness with less time, and perform calculations and tasks with automation and more accuracy. In addition, with the increased need to work in virtual/remote environments, the ability to be able to do so by having immediate access to all your tax applications, processes, and data regardless of location has become increasingly important.

This efficiency review can be considered a “checkup” for your tax department, performed remotely, with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement that will help you get the most out of the tools you already own per industry leading practices.

Our process

Our process involves a preassessment questionnaire that determines how a company is using the OWM modules and/or DataFlow tools. KPMG will then provide a block of time to perform the efficiency review with the goal of identifying and educating the client on where efficiencies can be gained. Following the review, a summary report of recommendations is provided to the client. KPMG will follow up to identify what tools or modules may need specific attention, and what processes may require additional training or administration.

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