KPMG and Uptempo

Provide real-time visibility into marketing operations to help maximize value and drive business growth

For the last decade, marketing has been obsessed with go-to-market automation, focusing on digitizing execution instead of transforming marketing into a business growth accelerator. The increasing need for marketing to be accountable to the rest of the business has exposed the weaknesses of marketing infrastructure, processes, and orchestration. Organizations face persistent marketing challenges, including:

  • Disconnect between marketing strategy, planning, and execution
  • Lack of transparency on marketing spend and slow reconciliation processes
  • Disjointed workflow processes
  • Unreliable data – often outdated, disparate, or incomplete
  • Lack of actionable insights
  • Misalignment between marketing and corporate goals
  • Agility hindered by disparate spreadsheets, content repositories, approval workflows, and more

Together, KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Uptempo take aim at the legacy operating models by delivering marketing business acceleration, a new operating model for marketing that enables:

  • Clarity on marketing data & insights to inform marketing planning
  • Focus on marketing investments best aligned to business goals that maximize value
  • Acceleration with increased efficiency through proactive agile marketing execution

KPMG Marketing Consulting helps provide marketing teams with the strategy and change management they need to build trust, transform their operations, and seize new opportunities. With expertise in leading practices and process transformations, we deliver insights that create tangible results.

Uptempo provides the end-to-end technologies required for the critical spend-to-performance connection required for marketing business acceleration. By fully integrating marketing planning, financial, performance, project management, and asset management in one solution, Uptempo improves visibility, efficiency, collaboration, and outcomes.

Combining the KPMG strategic perspectives and implementation experience with Uptempo’s innovative technologies can enable real-time insights to plan better, spend smarter, and help your team execute with confidence.

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Jason Galloway

Jason Galloway

Principal, US Customer Advisory COE Lead and US Customer Advisory Leader, Commercial Industries, KPMG US

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Ryan Doubet

Ryan Doubet

Managing Director, Customer Advisory, Marketing Consulting, KPMG LLP

+1 612-991-2954

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