KPMG and Verizon

Transforming healthcare and life sciences sectors with 5G and mobile edge compute (MEC) solutions.

KPMG LLP and Verizon Business have established an alliance to deliver 5G and mobile edge compute (MEC) solutions designed to transform the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Leveraging Verizon’s advanced mobile, private enterprise and 5G wireless networks combined with industry and business and technology consulting capabilities from KPMG, the companies will create connected hospital solutions to transform these industries.

As consumers become more connected with healthcare through wearables and telehealth technologies, hospitals need to improve their infrastructure. Together, KPMG and Verizon are developing a suite of solutions to enable the reliable and secure connection hospitals require to transform their business operations. These solutions will help create the foundation for the future of healthcare by creating interconnected hospital operations that help optimize provider scheduling, support diagnosis activities and simplify patient interactions to drive a better patient experience and increase insights into overall patient health, at home or at the medical facility.

Mike Krajecki

Mike Krajecki

Advisory Managing Director, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

+1 312-665-2919

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