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Indirect tax

Managing indirect tax is increasingly complex. In the United States alone, hundreds of sales tax rates change annually. And globally, VAT rules are applied differently in each country. As demands for transparency increase, efficiency and accuracy are vital to reporting.

Tax complexity touches multiple parts of the organization. The CIO must identify and protect tax data. The CFO must defend tax positions to the board, audit committee, and shareholders. And the leaders of tax departments must manage the costs and risks of compliance, advance tax expertise and capabilities to keep pace with the company’s growth, and identify strategic tax savings to create business value. To ompound these challenges, tax departments must often meet these requirements with fewer resources.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Vertex can help your corporate tax department lower the costs of managing indirect taxes and reduce audit risk. By streamlining and automating routine reporting and compliance, KPMG and Vertex enable you to elevate the business value of your tax department by focusing on activities that can result in meaningful, measureable financial benefits to the global organization.

The combination of KPMG’s global indirect tax experience with Vertex technology provides you with a tested solution for your indirect tax needs. For more than 15 years, KPMG’s TTS team has delivered successful Vertex implementations when an indirect tax automation solution is required. Together, Vertex and KPMG provide a complete solution that reduces the risk of error and the costs associated with reporting and managing indirect taxes. When assessing your indirect tax needs, both companies bring decades of experience, specialization, and global knowledge to the table.

Streamlining the indirect tax process
KPMG and Vertex: Helping to reduce cost and risk of the indirect tax process


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