KPMG and The Water Council

The Power of Two in One

Together, KPMG and The Water Council bring the power of two leaders constituted into one alliance. This strategic H2O relationship, which fosters smart thinking and innovative action on addressing water usage, quality and scarcity, and ways to assess and mitigate risks for the greater good, tackles today’s challenges through leading practices built on industry recognized principles. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) advisory services from KPMG in combination with The Water Council’s enterprise-wide water stewardship program assists businesses, public utilities, and governments when thinking about and taking definitive action when it comes to sustainable management of shared freshwater resources.

KPMG ESG Advisory Services help companies raise their ESG consciousness through systematic investment in designing and implementing organizational standards, processes, and policies that drive measurable and meaningful business outcomes, including water stewardship. Regulators, local communities, and global citizens demand more accountability when it comes to freshwater management from the companies they do business with, and public leaders they support. KPMG possesses deep insights on ESG benchmarking, mapping, and reporting, especially around disclosures, readiness, gap analysis, and assessments. All essential in defining and delivering a water stewardship roadmap.

The Water Council complements the KPMG ESG experience with its own rich history in leading greater innovation in freshwater technologies and stewardship. Its WAVE: Water Stewardship Verified program helps organizations assess a myriad of water issues, offering pathways to better risk management and long-term sustainability. With this knowledge, companies can harness the full potential of its strategic mandates, ecosystems, and the workforce to create tailored plans that aim to increase performance utilizing internationally recognized leading practices.

KPMG and The Water Council are coming together at this pivotal moment in our world’s history. Access to and the availability of clean, fresh water is more than just about the food we grow, the goods we produce, the communities we serve, how food and goods move through the supply chain, and fueling the grids that transmit electrical power. It is about the empowerment and enrichment of world’s populations who expect for and non-profit leaders to look beyond the horizon to technologically and ethically protect the watersheds that sustain life. Through “the power of two in one alliance,” that this water alliance offers, transformative, timely water stewardship can be both aspirational, risk-adverse, and actionable.

Joseph A. Rock

Joseph A. Rock

Office Managing Partner, Audit, KPMG LLP

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