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Manage the complex application of indirect taxes on telecom services

Across industries, keeping up with indirect tax requirements requires considerable time and resources. Tax professionals must be familiar with the latest in complex tax legislation, administrative rulings, and audit procedures to meet compliance requirements.

For technology and software companies venturing into the telecommunications service space—with offerings including voice over IP, messaging, video and audio conferencing and streaming, internet access, and more, provided via wireless, wireline, cable, or satellite networks—navigating the indirect tax landscape can be overwhelming. Without in- house expertise on telecommunications tax compliance and full-time dedicated resources, you may not be aware of both the breadth and the complexities of your tax obligations.

KPMG and Wolters Kluwer offers services and technology to help you navigate a complex, multi-tiered, indirect tax landscape. CCH SureTax from Wolters Kluwer is a robust, cloud-based tax calculation and reporting platform with a telecommunications-specific solution to support the determination and calculation of telecommunications taxes and fees. KPMG is one of the largest providers of indirect tax services in the marketplace and KPMG’s telecommunications tax practice is uniquely qualified to guide and inform your tax determinations, assist you in implementing those decisions in the CCH SureTax system, and help you meet your ongoing compliance obligations. Together, KPMG and Wolters Kluwer can help you reduce risk and increase compliance—even with complex telecommunications taxes and fees.

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Jeremy S. Blocher

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